Top / スペル一覧

OffensiveBlitzIncreases your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds, and renders you immune to all disabling effects except suppression for 2 seconds. The duration is doubled to 4 seconds for melee shapers.150 sec
OffensiveExceedFor 5 seconds, you gain 25 Power, plus an additional 20% of your total Power as bonus Power.90 sec
OffensiveStaggerFire a magic blast at target enemy shaper, dealing 5 (+20/Level) magical damage and reducing their movement speed by 80%, decaying over 0.5-2.5 seconds. The duration is increased the further you are from your target.150 sec
DefensiveBastionOn use you gain a shield that absorbs 100 (+20/Level) damage and grants 20 bonus Armor and Magic resistance for 2 seconds.None
DefensiveDeflectYou grant a shield to all allies in an area. These shields absorb 80 (+10/Level) damage and lasts 3 seconds.90 sec
DefensiveDispelInstantly remove all debuffs and disables (except suppression) from your shaper, and then reduces the duration of incoming disables by 50% for 3 seconds,. If Dispel successfully removes a debuff or disable, you gain 50% increased movespeed for 1 second.90 sec
DefensiveStasisnstantly places your shaper into stasis for 2 seconds, becoming immune to all damage and effects but unable to move or act for the duration.240 sec
DefensiveWitherFor 4 seconds, target enemy Shaper's movement speed is reduced by 40%, their attack speed is reduced by 40%, and they deal 25% less damage.180 sec
UtilityBlinkInstantly teleports your Shaper to target nearby location.300 sec
UtilityTailwindGrants you and all nearby allies 45% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.75 sec
UtilityVanquishInstantly deals +300 (+30/Level) true damage to target minion, creature or worker.75 sec