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GladiatorWhen you kill lane minions you gain stacking bonus vim. The bonus increases by 2 for every consecutive minion killed with 10 seconds up to a maximum of 30 additional vim per minion. (Max stacks: 15)
TacticianThe vim gained for being near lane minions when they die is increased to 150% of normal.
You gain bonus vim when you damage an enemy shaper (15 vim for ranged attacks and 30 vim for melee attacks). This effect has a 5 second cooldown.
HunterYou do 10% more damage to jungle creatures.
When you kill a jungle creature, you will heal for 5% of the creature's maximum Health.
When you kill a jungle creature there is a 25% chance you will gain 30 bonus vim.
PredatorWhen you score a kill or assist on an enemy shaper you will gain 100 bonus vim.
The experience gained for a kill or assist on an enemy shaper is increased to 130% of normal.
The vim gained for killing spirit well workers is increased to 200% of normal.